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Frangipani Varieties



White Frangipanis

White Frangipanis


Pink Frangipanis

Pink Frangipanis


Yellow Frangipanis

Yellow Frangipanis


Multi-Colour Frangipanis

Multi-Colour Frangipanis


Red Frangipanis

Red Frangipanis

Evergreen Frangipani

Little Known Facts About Evergreen Frangipani

The evergreen frangipani (plumeria) has a long history in multiple countries. Apart from its striking beauty and scent, frangipani has diverse uses: from its flowers frequently forming part of Hawaiian leis to being a suitable host for the Dendrobium Orchid.

The plant’s beautiful flowers, bark, and fragrant oils enjoy positive symbolism and cultural importance, useful in medicinal, therapeutic and cosmetic applications. For example, Feng Shui loosely associates the frangipani with love, and some believe the health benefits of the Frangipani tree itself can ease anything from muscle aches to tumours.

The Benefits of Frangipanis In Australia

Evergreen frangipani trees have numerous benefits, mostly involving extracting their essential oils. The oils from frangipanis are popular in various perfumes available worldwide. In addition:

  • The essential oils of the frangipani plant tone and moisturise the skin and are frequently used in massage therapy rooms to ensure skin remains soft and smooth;
  • The anti-inflammatory properties in frangipani essential oils may help relieve headaches and other body cramps;
  • The oil may act as a stimulant, increasing blood circulation and toning the nervous system.
    Frangipani is also known to help alleviate stress and sleeplessness, much like lavender.


In addition to the benefits of frangipani essential oils, there are some traditional uses for the flower and bark itself. For example, some in India use frangipani to relieve diarrhea and itching; the milky substance from the flower can act as an anti-inflammatory ointment, and some even use the bark to lower fever. Very versatile, the Frangipani flower is popular in Thailand as an infusion in cosmetic products.

Tips for Getting More Value Out of Your Frangipani Evergreen Tree

While the frangipani can withstand heat up to five hundred degrees, allowing them to thrive in hot areas, the plant does not do well in frost. Frangipani in Australia can grow up to six metres tall since our hot climate is ideal for growth. Still, avoiding frost will ensure your tree remains lush and beautiful throughout all seasons.

  • During the winter months, the frangipani doesn’t do much growing, the cold tending to halt the growth process, protecting your tree from drying out. Keep the soil moist during the warmer months but don’t over-water. Although your frangipani is very forgiving when it comes to drought, overwatering could destroy the whole root system.
  • It’s always best to apply fertiliser during early spring to ensure your tree soaks up all the necessary nutrients it missed during the winter months. Happily, the frangipani is not a fussy plant, so most available fertilisers will work wonders.
  • For the best growth, your frangipani prefers to be in the ground with a lot of sunlight; however, it will still flourish in pots if provided with enough light and love.
  • The most common issue with the frangipani is general rust or fungi, best controlled with appropriate fungicide from early January (before the rust is evident) through till leaf fall.


Frangipani is an incredibly durable tree, low maintenance and resistant to major diseases and drought. Still, to prevent the harshness of frost from damaging or killing your frangipani, consider investing in a tree blanket or cover, available from general nurseries.

To suit your preferences and living space, we offer frangipanis in various colours and sizes.

Why Trust FrangiPlants Regarding Plumeria In Australia

Creating our frangipani (plumeria) nursery has become a family passion, the local business providing a vast supply of trees for landscapers, other nurseries, and the general public.

Although finding frangipanis for sale is quite easy, finding healthy and sturdy trees and shrubs is less simple. Our dedicated nursery provides a loving home for frangipanis in a variety of colours and sizes; we grow white, pink, yellow, multi-coloured, and red frangipanis, from small cuttings, including rare varieties, to large trees.

Cuttings are from our fully grown trees to ensure plants are clones of the parent trees. In addition, we provide full sun coverage along with the necessary fertiliser, antifungal, and water schedule to ensure the trees we sell are robust and sturdy and will bloom in any location protected from frost. We ship advanced trees via special transport for your plant’s protection, with smaller plants safely delivered on standard freight pallets and cuttings in postage tubes or cartons.

Although not open to the general public, we do take inspection appointments on request. So, contact us today to book yours and find your favourite frangipani variety.