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Rooted cuttings are a great way to start a collection of beautiful Frangipani trees.

We have a wide selection of colours to choose from and buying a rooted cutting is an economical way to purchase many varieties.

Larger Frangipanis need to be delivered by specialist plant carriers. However rooted cuttings are easily packed with their roots in sphagnum moss to keep them moist and posted in a standard mailing tube or carton with Australia Post. Planting instructions are included with each purchase.

Cuttings are 300 to 500mm in length.

Postage and handling – 1 or 2 cuttings in mailing tube – $20.00, 3-6 cuttings in carton – $32.00.

Prices do not include GST. Postage and Handling can be calculated in the checkout.

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Frangipani Cutting

We love the frangipani, not just for its luscious and vibrant colours but for its hardiness and ability to live in a drier climate. We’ve made it our life's work to grow frangipanis, create suitable.

frangipani cuttings for sale for your garden and guide you with growing these beauties. We are FrangiPlants, and our aim is to assist you in making frangipani cutting part of your landscape.

Tips Regarding Frangipani Cuttings for Sale

Our love Frangipanies ensures for that we make time to learn as much as we can about what makes them tick. We happily share this with you to ensure that your garden or nursery gets the very best from your frangipanis.

  • Frangipanis are dormant during winter and lose their leaves, and you shouldn’t water them during this time. When you see fresh, new leaves, you may resume watering them again.
  • Too much water can damage the roots, and we advise watering these lovelies once a week once they are established.
  • Frangipanis like full exposure to sunlight and can grow in the garden as well as a pot. Wherever you may decide to plant them, make sure that they have fertile soil with good drainage.


A History of the Frangipani

The frangipani plant is a must for a modern, water-wise landscape and has deep roots all over the world. The origin of the name is linked to the 16th century and an Italian nobleman named Marquis Frangipani. Inspired by the flowers’ lovely fragrance, he created a perfume.

  • The general consensus is that frangipanis originate from South and Central America; however, it is also mentioned that it may have originated from the Caribbean.
  • Frangipani flowers grow in clusters at the top of the branch, and each has its own distinct smell, which is most fragrant at night.
  • The Nicaraguan national flower is the Sacuanjoche, which grows on the frangipani tree and is seen on the Nicaraguan banknotes. However, in Thailand, these flowers won’t be seen in homes, as the Thai word for the plumeria flower also means sad and depressed.

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