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Advanced Trees

Mature Frangipani Trees for Sale

Whether it's to ward off winter blues or enhance your summer spaces, FrangiPlants will ease your growing pains—our mature Frangipani trees for sale bloom with confidence.

Focusing entirely on Frangipanis of different varieties, colours, and sizes, you can expect quality and the quantity you require from us. Those in the trade can order them in pots and rooted cuttings on a larger scale.

Our strong, hardy plants thrive in any frost-free environment, as they are grown in the sun and are all clones of the parent tree.

What You Need to Know About Our Advanced Variety of Frangipani

Want to know about the variety of Frangipani that’s suitable for your customers, climate and needs? Read about flower size, fragrance, holding of pigment, and flower production of our different varieties of Advanced Frangipani trees for sale, in 45, 75, 150, to 200-litre pots.

  • Fragrant White and Petit Fleur: Fragrant White, a sweet-scented,7cm Frangipani has moderate to heavy flower production, holding more yellow than white pigment. An aromatic gardenia and bright orange to yellow colour extending from the centre to end in white petals tips, the Petit Fleur is 6cm with light to moderate production.
  • Evening Star and Lemon Sherbert: Both varieties stand at 7.5cm and have a slightly sweet smell and light to moderate production, both holding yellow very well.
  • Obtusa and Bali Whirl: Both citrusy and 7.5 cm, but the Bali Whirl has light flower production compared to the Obtusa’s.
  • Samoan Fluff and Canary: These sweet, stylish varieties hold colour very well, especially the Samoan with its extraordinary pale pink and excellent heavy production of flowers.

For your petit fleur nursery or to landscape a pretty in pink paradise, order our Frangipanis from Wardell, Belina, carried along the Northern Rivers of New South Wales to Lismore to Byron Bay, Gold Coast to Brisbane, Sydney, Adelaide and Melbourne Metropoles.